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Spherical is APEC’s Adult training system that utilizes the best coaching, equipment, and technology for the best all around fitness program in the country.

The name Spherical comes from our well rounded philosophy integrating various training methods such as:

Strength training, Multi-dimensional movement skills, mobility, cardio, yoga, stability, high-intensity training, energy systems development, interval training, and body weight training systems.

Spherical blends all researched methods of training while relying on scientific principles for fitness. Whether you want to just lose weight or get back to being in game shape, Spherical is for you!


  • Elite coaching from our vastly-educated and professional staff.

  • Membership to a world class training center.

  • Free Goal Specific Training plans. Want to run a marathon? Get better at golf? We have you covered!

  • Access to up to 6 Spherical training sessions per week (1 hour). These workouts burn an average of 600-1300 calories just during the hour!

  • Access to world class recovery room

  • Access to open gym so you can still get work in when you can’t make a class

  • LIVE Heart Rate monitoring on TVs displayed at our facility. You will also get an email 15 minutes after workout with a full summary of heart rate zones and calories burned.

  • Free and unlimited one-on-one nutritional counseling and goal setting.

  • Free frequent Tanita body age scan including: hydration, bone density, body age, visceral fat, body fat percentage, and lean mass.

  • Showers for when you are on-the-go!

  • Accountability–your coach cares! When you miss, we will reach out to you to check up on you!

  • A culture that instills a fun and winning mindset.

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Taking Enrollments: Yes
Virtual Option: Yes