Class details

High School Athletes are not all in the same class. Athletes will train in classes specific to their sport. For instance: Football, Basketball, etc.

Classes include emphases on:

  • Functional strength

  • Power

  • Speed

  • Core Strengthening

  • Agility

  • Flexibility

  • Mobility

  • Stability

Practical nutrition, mindset, and recovery strategies will be implemented and taught at the end of each session. Our certified and professional coaches modify and can personalize training and progressions for athletes when needed within the training class.

Our high school athletes rely on APEC’s sport specific training programs to ensure they’ll be ready to take their game to the next level. Our uniquely designed training regiments will produce results your coaches, teammates and most importantly, YOU will notice. Whether you want to get back into mid-season form, or you are ready to start getting noticed by college coaches, APEC will help you accomplish your goals.

Class Information

Taking Enrollments: Yes
Seasons Offered: Summer, Winter Break
Virtual Option: Yes